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Boxing Club Floored By Dragons’ Den Win!

The Norton Radstock Amateur Boxing Club were amongst the winners of our Dragons’ Den 6, held by the community, for the community in April 2018.

They gave a good pitch, asking for support towards re-flooring the club which would help them to make it a better and safer place for it’s users.

They recently got in touch to tell us why they’re doing what they’re doing and what the impact of the funding has been:

Radstock and Westfield have a long proud history of amateur boxing which sadly declined from the late 1980’s, our Club wants to continue to build on the areas boxing history and give young people both male and female the chance to try boxing for themselves and hopefully represent the Club the area and possibly their country in the sport of Amateur boxing.

The new flooring in our gym is a vast improvement on the previous flooring, not only making the gym look more professional but making activities safer with its extra cushioning and also the benefit of insulation for the winter months (gym does not have heating).

See how the club has been transformed over time!

Radstock & Westfield Big Local would like to congratulate the boxing club on it’s ambitions and successes and hope to see them at the Dragons’ Den 7!

If you want to find out more about Norton Radstock Amateur Boxing Club, visit their facebook page:

For more info on our Dragons’ Den check out: