Community money - invested by the community
26 September 2017

Young People

Dragons’ Den for Young People!

If you’re a young person living in Westfield or Radstock and you have a great idea that you want to make a reality then you are invited to pitch to the Dragons’ Den for Young People.

If you can get support from other young people and a responsible adult, and can show how your idea can be of benefit then you can apply for up to £500 funding!

Join the Youth Panel and Make the Decisions that Count!

Young people are invited to join the Youth Panel – a group of young people who decide which project ideas get funded. You will be able to be part of the decisions that affects young people’s lives in the local area. This is a very important role and will look amazing on your C.V.

Tell us What Young People Need

We want to know what you want to see happen in our area – talk to us so we can understand your views.

From the information you give us we can help to make the positive things happen in the community that you want to see.

Support for Young People

Young people have asked for more information on what support there is out there for a range of things – health, wellbeing, education, bullying, work… We have put together this document to help:

Support for Young People – what help is out there and how to get it

Arranged Activities for Children and Young People

Young people want more information on what is going on for them in their community… this gives a good idea of what’s available:

Activities and opportunities for children and young people outside of school