uklogoWhat do all the words, such as Big Local, Local Trust, Partnership etc. mean?

It can get a little confusing which is why there is a handy jargon buster available here:



WBig LLLhat are other Big Locals doing?

There are 150 Big Locals around the country. They all follow the same guidelines but have come up with many different ways to develop their areas; such as developing a play-park, forming a volunteer-led community garden, setting up a volunteer-run play scheme, providing affordable credit, and more.

See http://localtrust.org.uk/library/case-studies/?page=1 for case-studies.



Why ha5930024542_bc00b01356_bs it taken so long to dish out the money?

When Radstock and Westfield were awarded the money there was a process that had to be followed for the area to access it. First we carried out extensive consultation to understand the needs of the area. We then created a plan for the area based on these consultations. The plan was approved by the Local Trust in February 2015 and we are now in a position to develop the project ideas and spend the money.


cartoon-house-008Is it really resident led?

Yes, the vast majority of people on the Partnership are residents and they are the only ones allowed to vote, both on who is in the Management group and also how the money is allocated.

We chose to only have two Councillors involved, one from Radstock Town Council and one from Westfield Parish Council.


220px-Writhlington_School_logoWhat about Writhlington, Clandown, Tyning and Haydon?

The Radstock and Westfield Big Local includes the areas of Writhlington, Clandon, Tyning and Haydon. We understand that they are individual communities in their own right however, for brevity, we are using Radstock and Westfield Big Local as a catch-all.


pound-sign-blackDo we have to spend the money slowly (over 10 years)?

No, the money can be spent all in one go, right now. However, we aim for it to be used wisely and in a way that creates more and lasting value for Radstock and Westfield. The plan outlines how we intend to invest in the area over the next 3 years. We will create another plan for the following years nearer the time.