Community money - invested by the community
10 February 2015

Who’s Involved?

Anyone who lives, works or volunteers in Radstock and Westfield is invited to get involved, read here to find out how.

There are a number people on our Partnership team, the majority live in the Radstock and Westfield area. They are responsible for writing the Plan, for spending the money and guiding the overall direction of Big Local in your area. They make sure Big Local connects with and involves many different people from the area. The Partnership is endorsed by Local Trust.

The Partnership are: Robin Moss (Chair), Marlene Morley (Vice-Chair), Ron Hopkins, Becky Brooks, Andrew Morley, John Reynolds, Angie Seaman-Moss, Bev Craney, Sue Hill, Rob Wicke, Michael Cooke, Janine Woodward-Grant, Elizabeth Derl-Davis, Liam Kirby, Helen Adams, Lavinia Corrick, Sally Carmac-Bailey, Dom Tristram, Nick Toogood, Katie Mason. Anyone from the community can join, get in touch!

We receive advice and support from a Local Trust Regional Co-ordinator, Ruth Jones.

The Partnership has set up a Community Interest Company; the directors are a core of volunteers from the Partnership who are responsible for the day to day work of the Big Local, including managing the paid worker. See here for the most recent filing report (annual accounts):

The Community Interest Company directors are Robin Moss, Marlene Morley, Ron Hopkins and Janine Woodward-Grant

The CIC manager is Rob Wicke