Community money - invested by the community
25 August 2016

Looking for Funds?

The Radstock & Westfield Big Local does not have an open grant fund and we are not inviting organisations to apply to us for funds. However, if you have a speculative project proposal which clearly demonstrates the requirements set out in the guidance form, Radstock & Westfield Big Local will consider it but are not obliged to reward it with a grant. Guidance for Speculative Proposal 2020

Many funders require you to find match-funding for their grants – We are in the process of creating this page so that you can find many of the local and national funders and explore other ways than just grant applications.

We are also developing a local statistics guide which could be used to help give your application an evidence based approach.

There are a variety of options for securing funds for your project, such as:

  • Individual Giving – Asking major donors to make gifts to your organisation
  • Major Donor Groups – May include board giving, a finance or development committee, etc
  • Events – Both large and small
  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Online and E-Giving
  • Grants – Foundations, Corporate, Government
  • Corporate Giving Programs
  • Minor Donor Groups
  • Participatory Fundraising – Like sponsored marathons and Big Local Dragons’ Dens
  • Annual Giving and Multi-Year Giving Campaigns

Grant search websites:

Funding Central:

Connecting Capacity (funding advice):

Get Grants:

Grant Finder:

Turn2Us:  The Portal is used by a number of Authorities across the region and features a listing of all potential contract opportunities in excess of £50,000 and for some services contract opportunities below this figure..

Grant giving bodies:

Local –

Radstock Town Council: – Occasionally have a grants pot and will consider speculative applications that aim to benefit the area.

Westfield Parish Council: – Occasionally have a grants pot and will consider speculative applications that aim to benefit the area.

Radstock Cooperative supports community projects: – Get in touch with them to find out how.

B&NES Ward Councillors Fund,
Also contact your Ward Councillors to see if they can help in other ways – they tend to have many interesting, resourceful and powerful contacts!
Radstock Ward Councillors: Cllr Bruce Shearn,
Bruce_Shearn@BATHNES.GOV.UK and Cllr Chris Dando, Westfield Ward Councillors: Cllr Eleanor Jackson, and Cllr Robin Moss,

The Sperring Charity: – Grants for people in need who live within a five-mile radius of the Church of St John the Baptist in Midsomer Norton, Bath.

St John’s Foundation – Support for Individuals and Organisations: – financial assistance and practical support to individuals and charitable organisations across Bath and the surrounding area (Bath and North East Somerset).

Quartet Community Foundation: – Effective grant-making -which responds to the needs of community-based organisations in their focus area of benefits. Fund development – revenue and endowment which provides current and prospective donors with relevant opportunities for giving and consolidates their endowment as a basis for long term, sustainable charitable funding

Wider – check out the B&NES Funding Bulletin (see documents tab in the right hand column on their webpage)