Community money - invested by the community
15 January 2019

How to Fundraise

It can be quite daunting to look for funds for your project… however, help is at hand, there are many resources available on the web. Here are are a couple of places you can go to help you on your way:

The Resource Centre:

The Institute of Fundraising:

You might want to create a fundraising plan / a strategy, so you can see what you’re aiming for and how to get there.

There are many ways to get the money in! For example:

  • Individual Giving – Asking major donors to make gifts to your organisation
  • Major Donor Groups – May include board giving, a finance or development committee, etc
  • Events – Both large and small.
  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Online and E-Giving
  • Grants – Foundations, Corporate, Government
  • Corporate Giving Programs
  • Minor Donor Groups
  • Participatory Fundraising – Like marathons and Big Local Dragons’ Dens
  • Annual Giving and Multi-Year Giving Campaigns

You might have to prove that what you’re raising funds for is needed. Go to our local statistics page for assistance: