Who’s Involved?

Anyone who lives, works or volunteers in Radstock and Westfield is invited to get involved. Please use our online contact form or phone Sarah Westell for more details: 07845 756700

Our Partnership team are responsible for guiding the overall direction of Big Local in your area. They make sure Big Local connects with and involves many different people from the area. The Partnership is endorsed by the Big Local rep and Local Trust.

Management committee members are voted in by the Partnership at the Annual General Meeting. They are a core of volunteers and paid workers from the Partnership who are responsible for the day to day work of the Big Local. A representative from Westfield Parish Council and one from Radstock Town Council are also on the management team.

We receive advice and support from a Big Local rep, Julian Mellor.

The Partnership Team has over 40 members drawn from Radstock and Westfield. They meet 2-3 times a year to discuss and vote on the recommendations of the Management Committee.

The Management Committee are a group of Partnership members, voted in by the Partnership at the Annual General Meeting, who carry out the day-to-day tasks. They are: (scroll over)