Community money - invested by the community
7 July 2016

Speculative Proposal

The Radstock & Westfield Big Local has an open small grant fund which is solely for unincorporated community groups. We are not inviting organisations to apply to us for larger amounts of funds. However, if you have a speculative project proposal which clearly demonstrates the requirements set out in the guidance form, Radstock & Westfield Big Local will consider it but are not obliged to reward it with a grant. Guidance for Speculative Proposal 2020


What Big Local funding cannot be used for, including: the costs of putting together your proposal; activities that happen or start before the grant is confirmed; expenses you commit to before Big Local confirms the grant; salaries of existing staff for activities they undertake as part of their normal employment that are not related to the project; political activities, as defined by the Charity Commission; religious activities, which includes the practice of religion or activities that actively promote religion or particular belief systems (or indeed the lack of belief); projects or activities which the state has a legal obligation to provide; VAT you can recover; general running costs not associated with the delivery of the project.