Community money - invested by the community

Dragons Den’s results

Dragons Den

The winners were:

1.         Radstock 1st Scout group: £500 to purchase a new tent.

2.         Radstock Town Football club: £500 towards the rebuild of the new changing block.

3.         Boom Stage: £500 to help young people generate a music event.

4.         St Nicholas and St Mary’s Primary schools: £442 for a “Hang it” art project.

5.         The Community Bus: £400 for Easter Play schemes

6.         Play 8-80: £500 to visit local day centres and schools to providing Drama Workshops

7.         Westfield Ladies choir: £240 for new music sheets and stands

8.         St Nicholas Church of England: £500 for a new stile or gate at top of grave yard.

9.         Radstock junior Gateway: £219 for a new communication system.

10.       Battle of the Bands: £428 to help find the winning band for fundays.

11.       Sulis Scorpions Cycling Alliance: £343 towards inspiring young people to take up cycling as a sport..

12.       Prattens Social club: £428 contribution to disabled toilets.