Community money - invested by the community

Meet Our New Locally Trusted Organisation


We are very pleased to announce that the BANES Carers’ Centre have generously taken on the responsibility of our Locally Trusted Organisation for Finance (LTO).

This is an important position in the Big Local programme because it involves holding our money, performing due diligence on any payment to make sure it is in accordance with our Plan 2, and producing regular reports to our Partnership. We quite literally wouldn’t be able to function without this – so a big thank you to the Carers’ Centre from all of us at Radstock & Westfield Big Local!

We hope that our partnership with the Carers’ Centre will result in more people from our community knowing about and being a part of our organisations. You can find out more about what services they provide on their website: or by visiting them at 1 Riverside Cottage, Radstock, BA3 3PS

We also want to take the opportunity to thank Westfield Parish Council for the 4 years that they kindly and professionally were our LTO, often going above and beyond in order to help us to develop and find our feet! We are very grateful for all they did for us and hope we can find new ways of working with each other to benefit our community. Find out what they are up to on their facebook page: or website: