Community money - invested by the community

Radstock Museum Make the Most of their Window of Time

Radstock Museum were one of the winners at our fifth Dragons’ Den. Residents present at the event voted for them to receive £500 towards making the appearance of the museum even more stunning!

Miranda Litchfield, the Development Programme Coordinator for Radstock Museum, has been in touch to let us know how the funds have made a positive difference in the local community. She said:

“As a museum, we care hugely about and are extremely well connected to, our local
community. Although the museum is situated in Radstock, we appreciate the importance
of our supporters in Westfield, in conjunction with other nearby towns and villages.
We felt as a museum that we could offer more visually, especially on the outside of the
building. This was partially to attract a higher number of visitors by showcasing some of
the subjects covered in the museum (Radstock’s history, coal mining and the railways)
but also, by creating a more vibrant ‘front window’ for the hundreds if not thousands of
commuters who pass through Radstock, every day. The project’s main aim was to
illustrate the wealth of photographs and artifacts stored in the museum, by actively using
a selection of these to decorate entire panes of glass, which face the centre of Radstock.
We would like to remind residents, and tourists, of the incredibly rich heritage of
Radstock and on a wider scale, of the former Somerset Coalfield.

The financial help from Big Local, Radstock & Westfield has without a doubt, brightened
the museum’s windows and therefore vastly helped to improve and modernise the
museum’s general appearance, both inside and out. The impact on the local community
has so far only been measured with visitor and volunteer comments. All comments
however, have praised the dramatic change to the Tea Room and comments were also
made on how warm the museum now appears from outside, with its added decoration in
a historic theme.

As a result we are considering how we can illuminate the windows during the hours of
darkness whilst the Museum is closed, to gain maximum benefit from the impact of the
new window displays. We are also considering a similar approach to improving the
windows in our Victorian School classroom.

We believe and hope that these images are nostalgic for some, whilst they provoke
curiosity in others. This will in time create a more inquisitive, knowledgeable and proud
local community in the Radstock and Westfield area.”

The Radstock & Westfield Big Local would like to say a big well done to the Radstock Museum for creating such a beautiful and creative display for the whole area to enjoy!

To find out more about the museum, how to become a member and how to volunteer please visit their website, or pop in to the building when it’s open.