Community money - invested by the community

SWAN driving Radstock and Westfield residents forward

SWAN Transport were one of the winners of the 5th Radstock and Westfield Big Local Dragons’ Den, receiving £500 towards providing transport for local residents who are older, frail or disabled on low incomes. They told us that Swan “was first set up by a social worker 32 years ago who recognised the need for help and advice in the Radstock area. We are still located here as the need is still here. Our transport service sprang from a disability information project that Swan used to run about 16 years ago. The need has increased since then and the need for our transport service continues to grow with a 11% increase in journeys last financial year.

They have shared the comments they received from people who used the service, we’re sure you will agree that these highlight what a valuable asset it is to the community:

  • I would not be able to get to Dr’s or hospital, without this transport.
  • I am 80 years old and it makes me feel safe and confident.
  • It gives me peace of mind, having regular friendly drivers when we need them.
  • It’s so nice to be able to go from a-b with a nice driver. I can’t drive anymore owing to Macular Degeneration.
  • Your drivers are competent, friendly, reliable, and thoughtful.
  • I am less tired / less anxious / less breathless / in less pain / able to get to appointments / seeing family more regularly.
    It enables you to take advantage of health appointments easily which otherwise would be difficult to do. Also stops you being house bound for long periods of time and definitely improves my quality of life.
  • I have no family to visit me. So going out meeting people, talking, catching up with their news etc. is lovely.
  • I can’t leave home without such help.
  • Trips to hospital are reliable and supportive
  • If it wasn’t for SWAN I wouldn’t be able to get out and socialise.
  • I feel cared for and can get about
  • Wonderful service, helpful drivers.
  • I don’t think you can improve on the service you provide. Thank you to all concerned.
  • I would be completely lost if I were to lose this service – it’s a lifeline to me.
  • Your service is very good – Thank you all for being there! Stars in their Cars – Great!
  • Thank you for the service you provide, it’s so nice not having to worry about getting to places or appointments and I do appreciate the help of the office staff who run this service and the drivers who help people who would otherwise be helpless or unable to go anywhere, by giving their time. Many thanks.
  • Keep up the good work – I can recommend Swan to my relatives and friends and know they will be pleased with the service.

You can find out more about Swan Transport and how to access their service on their website: