Community money - invested by the community
26 September 2017

Youth Fund

£15,000 Funding for Projects for Young People

If you’re a young person living in Westfield or Radstock and you have a great idea that you want to make a reality then we can help. If you can get support from other young people and a responsible adult, and can show how your idea can be of benefit then you can apply to the Youth Fund for up to £2,000 funding!


The Youth Fund will run until November 2021. It’s provided by Radstock & Westfield Big Local, who are a community group that invests in making good things happen in the Radstock and Westfield area. You can learn more about what we do on the website.

The Youth Panel make the decision whether your idea will be funded. They are a group of young people from the Radstock and Westfield community who have volunteered to be responsible for ensuring applications meet the criteria and are value for money.

How to apply:

You can apply by using this form. Make sure you read everything before you start writing. B&NES Youth Connect can support you with your application.

Useful tips on making an application:

  • Your idea has to benefit people and before applying it is worth thinking about what this benefit will be and whether it’s a good use of the money.
  • The more people you get involved the better because this shows that you have a good amount of support – The Youth Panel who decide if you get the funding will be interested in your support.
  • Talk your idea through with different people to see if they have any suggestions for improving it.
  • Remember that a very significant person is the adult who will be responsible for the money, so spend time talking to them so they know why the project is important to you, what they have to do and how the money will be spent.