Community money - invested by the community

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Our vision is for a community that is creating its own future and working together to make good things happen


We will support the community to be strong, resilient and forward looking

Radstock and Westfield were jointly awarded £1million by the Big Lottery Fund as part of Big Local; a resident led programme which is based on the needs and priorities of the 150 Big Local areas in England. Residents are supported by The Local Trust (who manage Big Local) to drive the Radstock and Westfield Big Local forward. We are using the funds to help organisations deliver new, innovative projects that meet the needs of our community. We aim to draw more money and support in to the area, turning the £1m into much much more.

Our Priorities


Our community and community organisations can build strength and plan for the future

Youth Skills

Young people can shape a youth service that works for them

Health & Wellbeing

Residents can access services and information that enable them to take charge of their health


Delivering our Plan & continuing beyond the lottery funding

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