Big Local Plan Approved!

planOur Plan...

Has been approved, February 2015!!!! It outlines the themes that we will develop over the next three years. The themes emerged from extensive community consultation.

Our first plan, that covers 2015-18, can be downloaded HERE

The general themes are People, Mobility, Place, Business, and Life-long Learning.

  • People: This theme includes all our plans concerning how we intend to deliver the Big Local Plan, how we will involve the broad range of residents from Radstock and Westfield, and how we intend to involve our young people so that they will become central to what happens in our area over the coming decade and beyond. Improving what the area has to offer for children and young people came top of the list of ‘wants’ in the community research.
  • Mobility: Covers issues relating to how our residents, regarding of ability, can get around Radstock and Westfield and includes modes of transport.
  • Place: As the plan develops we intend that this theme should include the main elements of what will make the physical environment of Radstock and Westfield a great place to be. This includes housing; community facilities; crime; safety and preserving or improving the local environment.
  • Business: Radstock and Westfield have seen a radical shift in the type of business that operates in the area over the last 2 to 3 generations. Mining has ceased completely and other types of heavy industry have all but ended. We aim to work with local business to outline their needs and aspirations and identify ways in which we can support them.
  • Life-long Learning: The need for all our residents to have access to learning opportunities throughout their lives is a great as anywhere else. This supports the employability of local people as well as improving their quality of life. We are very fortunate to have some excellent schools serving our area and we want to make sure that the Big Local supports them into the future.

It is after school that we feel needs some attention, in particular we want to look into the feasibility of creating learning opportunities locally that can serve local businesses and even help to create the businesses of the future in Radstock and Westfield, linking with the business theme.