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Care calls for carers

As part of our Covid response we have made sure that local carers are getting as much support as possible. We funded the Carers’ Centre to provide supportive calls, letters and activity packs to around 200 carers. Here is some great feedback:

‘It’s been a struggle to say the least – very hard. We feel alone. But just the fact that you’ve called is worth a thousand pounds – thank you so much’

‘I really appreciate the fact we’re having a real conversation. Like, you’re talking to me about everything calmly and respectfully and I never would have known [fact] if not for this, so thank you for that. I appreciate you talking more personally.’

‘I’m sorry for the slow reply but appreciated your very helpful email so much. Thank you for all the brilliant and helpful links. Thank you, as ever, to Young Carers for all your support and for being there during the most challenging times, even when other organisations can’t be.’

‘I know I’ve not used the Carers Centre in the past much, but I am so thankful you are here to give me support if I need it. It’s truly wonderful to know that you are there for the unpaid. I appreciate all the letters and calls and I just want to thank you for all you do. We are doing well at this time but it is a great comfort to know you are there. Thank you.’

“That’s all amazing. Thank you so much. Amazing amount of information, you’re doing so much. What a great phone call”.