Community money - invested by the community

New Outdoor Learning at Trinity Church School

We are pleased to have contributed towards Trinity Church School’s outdoor play and learning, contributing £5,000 to help them fund the design and build of a bespoke wooden climbing frame and outdoor learning shelter.

We recieved this lovely report from the school: Trinity has 37% pupil premium children, many of which come from homes with no garden or access to a play area.  The climbing equipment and outdoor learning shelter has had a significant impact on the mental health, wellbeing and physical health of all of the children at Trinity but especially those who do not have access to outdoor space at home.  One particular family who have benefitted, are a single parent family of 3 boys who live in a 2 bed flat with no garden.  This family have all had twice weekly access to both the shelter and play equipment as part of their lessons and break and lunch times.  Even in these COVID restricted times, they have been able to access the equipment.  We hope that in September, when restrictions are lifted, all children will be able to access the equipment on a daily basis.  There has been a very positive impact on the health and wellbeing of all the children at Trinity as a result of this generous donation.  The children look forward to their class’ turn on the play equipment and to their outdoor learning session each Thursday.  The play equipment is used at break and lunch time every day and teachers have also incorporated the shelter and play equipment into their lessons.

The children, staff and parents of Trinity Church School would like to thank The Big Local for their help to fund these two projects and the positive impact it has had on the 180 children at our school.

Photography by Nigel Coles