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Square hot meal project reaches 50 meals in under a week!

In response to the coronavirus lockdown we quickly came up with a project that provided people in need with a regular hot square meal. We were able to call on some local supporters who joined as volunteers and found a local business in Riverbank Cafe that we could purchase meals from. We’re working with Compassionate Communities, Hope House and other referral agencies to identify local people who qualify for the meals. In the first week of operation we have delivered over 50 hot meals! Setting up and launching a project this quickly is a great acheivement for us, but also points at a worrying issue – there are many people who are in need, and with the growing number of people using our service it would seem that this problem is going to continue for quite a while!

Special mention and grateful thanks goes to our volunteers Sue Hill, Robin Moss and John Bull for their hard work in the last two weeks to get this project off the ground! Without their help nothing would have been possible.

Wishing wellness for you all.

Rob, Manager

One of the meals on its way to be delivered