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Forest School Is Brilliant

In 2020/21 we commissioned a study looking at how effective the forest school approach can be in our community. Led by a forest school organisation called Curiositree, with support from Bath University, the study focused on two groups – one in St Mary’ school, and the other in the community with support from the Children’s Centre. Both groups had a number of sessions, and the participating children were monitored to see how they responded to them, and if there were any beneficial changes in behaviours. The evidence implied that the children overall gained confidence, greater concentration and a renewed appreciation of being outdoors. The evidence can be used by forest school practitioners in their applications for funding to further demonstrate the usefulness of the forest school approach.

Feedback from teachers include:
“The children need more opportunities like this to express themselves and their opinions and ideas. I
was so surprised at the way they were in the discussion; they seemed so much more mature and
thoughtful than I have seen them…
This type of outdoor exploration and using nature as a resource for discovery of new skills has been
very engaging. It is such a good thing and would benefit them through out the year. I have watched
them really thrive through these sessions..
They have come to life in these sessions.”

“ They really surprised themselves today. So many of them said they couldn’t do it and were
afraid, now look at them hanging upside down! They are incredibly lucky to have this and to get their
confidence up like this. It is so good to see.”

“Totally brilliant, absolutely brilliant, the kids have loved it! Will you come back
next term?”