Community money - invested by the community

St Mary’s Get New Play Equipment!

We are pleased to have contributed £5,000 towards St Marys outdoor play equipment, improving and increasing their pupils time spent outdoors in the fresh air.

The school let us know that: Health and Happiness is at the heart of St Marys, due to COVID children have missed on building resilience, having new play equipment will build this resilience and increase pupil participation. Children spend 1.5 hours a day outside, new play equipment will give children the tools to communicate, work as a team and tackle the rising cases of obesity. Play encourages communication amongst their peers and through imaginative play and through games, both structured and made up. A lot of our pupils across all year groups have speech and language needs and there have been many research projects which have highlighted the use of play to develop communication, both verbal and non-verbal, in children of all ages. Finally, we have identified a need to develop resilience as a school priority. Through playing games with a wide range of equipment, pupils will have a chance to take part in different sports in a relaxed way and will then develop their ability to cope with winning and losing games.