Community money - invested by the community

Outdoor Play at Fossway

We are pleased to have been able to support Fosseway school to develop their play equipment so that children can get out more and exercise and learn in the fresh air.

The school reported: The funding was used to support Fosse Way School update their Primary Playground area. Money was used to purchase climbing equipment and this was installed as part of a complete playground refurbishment with support from Aster Housing Association. The climbing equipment purchased means that very specific needs that the students have, can be accommodated safely whilst also allowing the children to be both independent and exploratory in their play.  Whilst engaged in play on the climbing frame, the students not only developed gross motor skills but also explored risky taking and problem solving.

The difference this has made to one child in particular is quite astonishing. As the child had a need to explore height, he would often look to climb to very high spaces. Before the refurbishment, staff would spend most play and lunchtimes, encouraging him down form window ledges. After the installation of the climbing equipment, the child’s needs were met brilliantly as he was able to gain the height he desired but in a safe context.

Comments from the children:

“Playtimes are so much more fun now”      Lionel

“I love climbing on the ropes, it is like in the army”  Dec

“It’s good because you can get really high”  Jeremy

“It is great for playing tag and is a brilliant homey”  Anthony.