Community money - invested by the community

Youth Connect Supports Sugar Smart

We awarded Youth Connect £500 to deliver training to young people over the course of 15 cooking sessions.

The sessions were held at Radstock and Westfield Youth clubs focusing on low sugar and healthy eating. 45 young people took part in the cooking activities, however a lot more young people took part in the eating 60+. Recipes included:

– tacos

– homemade pizza

– low sugar cooked breakfast

– brownies (substituting sugar for beetroot and sweet potato)

– chicken curry using only natural sugar-  coconut milk, paste and fresh herbs.

– Smoothies using reduced/sugar free natural yoghurt and fresh fruits. (Natural sugars)

– meringue. Young person bought this in. Swap sugar for sweetener and use juice from a sweet fruit.

– bruschetta using low sugar tomatoes and cheeses and adding basil, garlic.

– pasta making own low sugar sauce.

– nearly sugar free stir fry. Noodles, fresh veg and sauce made themselves using chopped tomatoes and spices.

– muffins. Swapping out the sugar for banana

All the recipes were simple and repeatable at home for the young people and their parents. The sessions gave opportunity to think about healthy alternatives in what they eat as well as giving them confidence in the kitchen.